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"Life awaits. Meaningful friendships, inspiring work, independence, your place in the world…there all just waiting right outside your door. Now imagine if that door was locked. No key, no side exits, you’re trapped. While everybody else blossoms around you. THAT’S what it feels like growing up with a mental illness." -Daniel Pierce on Perception

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" You’ve gained weight.” “You look tired.” “What the hell is going on with your hair?” It doesn’t matter how well your day is going. All it takes is one little off-hand comment to ruin it, right? That’s because the brain is hardwired to remember the negative interactions better than the positive ones. But recent discoveries suggest that the higher regions of the brain can actually modify how the lower regions function, that we can use our intention and our attention in sustained, focused ways to overcome the brain’s negative bias so that it can be within our control to determine how bad experiences affect us. In other words, unless you’re clinically depressed, being unhappy… may, in fact, be a choice.
“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Or will they? The same areas of the brain get activated when we experience social rejection or the betrayal of a loved one as when we spill hot coffee on our arm. In other words, emotional pain hurts as the same as physical pain. Science has developed drugs that can alleviate and, in some cases, eliminate our physical pain, and some of those same drugs are now proving helpful in eliminating our emotional pain. So the prescription for a broken heart might actually be “Take two Tylenol and call me in the morning.” But is numbing our pain always a good thing? The more we know pain, in all its varying flavors, the more we can appreciate the sensations and the feelings that we like. That’s the nature of contrast. If we never felt bitterness or anger, then we… we wouldn’t deeply appreciate our happiness. And if we never knew fear, then we couldn’t admire courage. So maybe to more fully enjoy the beauty in our lives, we must first acknowledge and embrace our pain.” "

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when u like the boy but ur friend is prettier so he likes her

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Our favorite part of tonight’s episode. <3

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